September 22, 2017

Low carb snack ideas to get you through the day. These low carbohydrate snacks are much healthier than crisps and biscuits, and are, of course, kinder to blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Everyone needs a snack in between meals occasionally – but, if you have if you have issues with sugar, cholesterol or are watching your weight, you’ll want something small that will satisfy your hunger, is low in fat and sugar, and will not have a big effect on your blood glucose level or high in calories.

If you’re bored with the same old snacks, try SkinniSnax a highly nutritious and health snack, high in fibre low in salt and sugar. Skinnisnax are a healthy snack made from chickpea and soya.  A crunchy nutritious snack available in 7 flavours.

One portion of SkinniSnax is 100 calories per portion, is filling and full of vitamins and nutrients.

If you’re trying to lose weight, opt for the snacks with the least amount of calories. SkinniSnax is the solution.

Snack guidance

We don’t recommend snacks labelled ‘diabetic’, which tend to be expensive and don’t offer you any special health benefits. The key is to plan your favourite snacks so they fit into your overall diet and watch your portion sizes.

Depending on whether you need help with calorie-controlled snack ideas or low-carb snack, click on the relevant link below for information on SkinniSnax.

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