The Soya Solution - Eat Skinni Snax. Healthy snacks for your diet and fitness.

The Soya bean has the highest of natural dietary fibre. Soy was first used as a food during the late Chou dynasty (1134-246 BC), only after the Chinese learned to ferment soybeans to make foods like tempeh, natto and tamari.

Soya is a complete protein, and soyfoods are rich in vitamins and minerals including folate, potassium and in some cases, fiber.

In the past 15 years, soyfoods have attracted the attention of research scientists around the world for health properties beyond basic nutrition as well.

At Skinny Snax, our chickpeas, are flavoured and baked with soya to achieve a crunchy out shell of flavoured goodness. You can integrate soya products into snacks and meals which may benefit you and your family.

Buy healthy snacks for all the family.  Healthy snacks online.

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